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Dad, Jam and I went shopping for a pool this morning, at Toys R Us! GAH, I love that store!! So much!



Just ask my sister. I get pretty ecstatic in the toy isles….

Suddenly $$$ becomes more important to me…… 😛

We got our pool. But Jamie and I couldn’t leave with out buying a few things for ourselves. XDD

Dad bought me this slap bracelet. THOOOORRR!!!

I GOT AVENGERS WALL DECALL!!!! (because you know my walls aren’t epic enough yet…. 😛 )

One of the wall decals. TONY!!! *sigh* I’ve been saving my money sooo long. Now my wallets empty. 😛 Drats and dang it.

Then we went to church. It’s Nate and Jam in the car on the way.

No pics from church… hahahaha 😛

After church we went to the big library in town. It’s 5 stories tall and full of books!!!!

BIIIIIIIG library.  I love it! It’s my favorite library EVER!!!! For as much as I don’t read, I love being at this library. I always find something I’ll love to read.

There are 3 big glass elevators. It’s fun to look up and down in them. XD You can take the stairs if you want but the elevators are more fun.

I went straight away to my favorite section in the whole building: 5th floor, Film/cinema section. LOADED with rows of books on films, TV, entertainment, How to-, on directors, on actors, the making of *insert*, etc. ect. There’s too many to choose from!!!!!!!

My Star Wars book bag was HEAVY! 😀 I’ve got enough to keep me busy while I hermit in HQ for at least a week! LOL!

My book picks:

501 Movie Directors. Lucy at the Movies. (Since directing is sorta a big interest of mine, I obviously picked that book up. There were plenty of other books on directors but, ehh I just decided that one looked best. And as for Lucy, she’s hilarious, I love her. XDDD )

Books on James Stewart and Cary Grant. They’re older actors.

The Making of the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. (!!! WOW !!!!) And the Adventures of Tintin Soundtrack. Jamie showed me the AoTintin soundtrack, I’m excited to listen to it.


I’ve dug right into this book! I was excited when I glanced through it. Audrey Hepburn is a wonderful role model, she definitely has a lot of really good things to say about life, in my opinion. Actually, this is my new favorite book. I also enjoy the movies I’ve seen with Audrey in, she’s a pretty classic actress. Apparently she’s known for setting STYLE. Which I didn’t know. But she was a pretty elegant lady. By the way the film Charade is AWESOME! Love it. XDD So anyway I love books where actors or actresses TALK. Especially actors I like or admire. Reading this books makes me admire Audrey. 🙂

One of those few books I pick up and am engrossed in immediately and I just can’t put down till it’s done. And one of those books that, when I finish, I go back to the beginning and try to grasp things I missed and just re-read all my favorite parts. Gah, I love it and am loving it! Part of my love for it might be the format it’s in, it’s easy to read and it’s not got a lot of empty words. Everything in it is useful and meaningful, the author wasn’t just filling book space with words.

It’s sooo good I am going to do a blog post about some of the things in it. And yeah, I wrote notes. I for sure intend to apply some of the stuff from the book to my future life. I mean, it’s not a perfect book and I’m watching out for ‘ehh things’, but it’s pretty gosh darn good.

Spent some of my after-dinner time in my room reading and taking notes. XD

I had a wonderful Sunday. I hope everyone reading this did too! 🙂 And I hope everyone can find a awesome book to read this week. Cause I know that’s what I’ll be doing. XDDD Reading my awesome book.


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Saturday Stuff

Kitty tracks in the dirt. XD Sooo cute!

Kitty print. See it?

Our cat, Patience. XDD

Patience rubbing against me, begging to be petted. She’s done this ever since I can remember!!!


Outside the theater. I brought my M7 along. XD


I’m so glad we got to see it again! 🙂 When we got back home I worked on Phil some more.



Friday Already!!!!

Doing homeschool: writing.

I could stare at her all day…. *happy sigh*

Jamie looks sooooooooooo (etc.) stunning!

Doing my chore… sweeping. I love how you can see my reflection in the wood flooring.

Yuck… I get all the low class jobs. XDD LOL! Right?

The pile of dirt outside is getting smaller. Because we are spreading around the yard. I love it! It’s so clean. 😀 Yes. That does make sense.


New Drawing Agent Phill

This is from last night. I started a new drawing. 🙂 It’s Phill Coulson.


I was drawing Phill at 11:00 PM. This is Jamie and my ‘I Love Lucy’ clock, which I love.



Just keep coming Phill! Keep coming Phill! Come on, come on! Flow from my pencil!!! Flow from my soul!!! LOL! Saaaawry, I do get a little obsessive with my art and I know it…..

We went shopping today. I got a new wardrobe. But that there aint pictures for that. So it’s kinda irrelevant. But anyway, Phill’s pretty much been all’s up today. 🙂




A Dirty Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! I thought I’d be back in my HQ this morning reading….

But instead a dump truck pulled into our backyard and dropped off a huge pile of dirt!! LOL!

……. LETS JUMP IN IT!!!!!! *evil grin/Tabbs coffee face*

At the top of the hill!!! ( I claimed this hill for all my ALA girls! *hugs each ALA member*)

Nobody takes this hill from me!!! 😀

From the top of the hill I’m up high! Higher than our tree!!


I climbed off the ALA hill to draw in the dirt. 😛

🙂 I love you sisters! <333

Here I am sitting on the hill. 🙂

My shoulder. I was really dirty EVERYwhere let me tell you…

I had fun! It was hot and I got soooo dirty but heck, you only live once, right? XD I haven’t been that dirty since I was like, 10 or something. No big deal getting a little dirt down my shirt every once and while I guess. 😛


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In the Lab/Kales HQ on Tuesday

It’s a causal Tuesday morning/afternoon in the life of a 15 year old homschooler.

I’ve spent most of this morning in my lab. It’s fun!! I looked at somethings through my new microscope and I read some books. HEY PEOPLES! DIJA HEAR?? I READ SOME BOOKS!!! XDD LOL!

Here’s my desk….

Oh man… I’ve got a awesome interior decorator. See this Epico environment I spend my Tuesday’s in??? XD And yes, technically speaking, this is my classroom. I’ve got the best teacher ever. She’s me. LOL! Actually she’s probably not as good as I think she is, but she does fine. 😉

I got a new book yesterday!!! Super Trivia! I love trivia. This book seems to be mostly TV Trivia. XD And yes at my school my teacher lets me put my legs on my desk. 😛 LOL! I love having a leg up on things, but I usually only do when I’m just with myself.

Now this is interesting… reading Suicides. XD

And here is the other new book I got. 🙂

IT’S GGKALES!!! LOL! (Gun Girl Kales)

I like the shadow pictures. They are kinda epico. This one is of me with a magnify glass being Eden Street. 😛 Eden Street is my detective alias.

Messing around.

Here’s the microscope. I looked at green food coloring, nail polish, acid, and some of my tea. LOL!

This is the nail polish under the microscope.


Here I am with the food coloring on the slide.

I like messing around at my desk.

Here’s some things on my desk: Nail polish, dissecting liquids, cover glass, microscope equipment, markers, cue tips, sweet tea, and garbage among other things. 😛

Anyway, there you have it, I did reading, science, and art and had a blast doing it. 😛 Excuse me now, I’m going back up to Kale’s HQ to hang out. XDD


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My Weekend

I got to ride my bike to the park ALL ALONE on Saturday! It was fun!

No pictures from Sunday, sadly.

So for all my previous joking about having a lab, today dad bought me a microscope today! LOL!

Here I am reading my Bible in my lab.