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Day 30

Wow!  The month is almost over!

So today I have more than one picture for ya’ll because something actually happened. Mud pies and memories! XD

I used to be a good cook in the out doors when I was young! I knew every recipe that you could make out of sand, water, and leaves, which were translated as flour, sugar, soup, and bay leaves by the imagination! Today I went outside to see my little brother ‘cooking’ in the sand box! Well it all came back to me! I had lots of fun today ‘baking’ with him! Here are some of my creations!

Here is a chocolate cake with a candle!

6 golden brown muffins…

On the left of the picture below is a chocolate cake with 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream. On the right is a coffee cake with a scoop of chocolate ice cream with a candle.

I had so much fun cooking with Nate. Thanks for looking at my culinary masterpieces! LOL!


Day 29

The lack of inspiration is painful….

Look at the amazing hand God has given me! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU GOD FOR MY FULLY FUNTIONING, WONDERFUL HAND!

Day 25 and 26


😦 yesterday was kinda busy. This will have to be for then too.

Light bulbs. I just love how these came out. Very nice ‘lighting’! LOL! Excuse the pun! XD

Day 23

The new sign mom bought today. It is actually very nice!

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